Preparing For The Emotional Roller Coaster

They grow up so fast! It seems like only yesterday that college seemed part of a plan for the future.
The reality is that freshman year of college is just around the corner, regardless
of whether you or your child are ready.. College tuition and fees over the past
ten years (since your child was in elementary school) have doubled, growing at
a rate of approximately 7.5% every year (almost twice the rate of inflation).
You are likely experiencing a fair amount of stress right now; it’s coming from
friends and from family as your decisions are being second-guessed. It’s coming
from a collection of critical dates and deadlines; and the list of things you realize
you don’t know anything about is growing faster than you can attack it. As the
reality of your child going to college becomes nearer, your concerns become
more pressing. Are they ready? Are you ready?
Your child is probably discussing his or her concerns with their peer group,
teachers and guidance counselor, but where is your support networ…